We are dedicated to the craft

Wedding photographers and videographers have to be reliable, skilled, and efficient.

At Film Mechanic Weddings, we understand how important it is to be reliable, skilled, and efficient. We offer flexible payments on your deposit to make your choice easy.  We conduct quarterly trainings and refresher courses for our photographers and videographers prior to every event. Modern cameras are packed with complicated settings and features and we understand the importance of being very familiar and comfortable with our gear and settings.  We coordinate settings and ideas between camera operators to ensure consistency.  Most weddings include one lead photographer and one second shooter. For wedding films, we always shoot with two videographers and at least one extra camera on a tripod.  This allows us to roam around and capture everything we can during your ceremony.  We are happy to work with you on any ideas you have and encourage clear communication. We want you to absolutely love your wedding films and pictures. We ask you the questions to clarify exactly what you want to see in your pictures. We know we only have one chance to capture everything, so it is important to us to know exactly what is most important to you!