It’s summertime and the living’s easy. So let’s get outside and have some fun!

My uncle has a 24’ Parker fishing boat. It’s a fish catcher and is not luxurious by any means, but it’s fun, beautiful on the water, peaceful, and an exciting time out there when you have a fish on while drinking some good IPAs. And sunsets are incredible on the pacific.

We were chatting about a project I was working on and flying a drone around and I asked my uncle about using his boat for a cool photo/video shoot. Well, Captain Lou said, “Of course!” (what fishing boat captain would say no to bikinis on deck).

He was talking to a friend who is a few slips down the dock and now the idea has grown into taking out this massive/super fancy yacht (I don’t know how big it is but probably 45-60’).

We can and will still take his boat out but it only comfortably fits about 5 people max.

For either boat, we would be going out to fish and drink beer and take cool pictures at a casual pace.  Maybe some cool video shots.  On the bigger boat, we will probably bbq. We don’t want this to be high pressure. It’s fun, not work. Worst case scenario, you aren’t happy with any pictures, big deal, you got to cruise on a cool boat or yacht for a day in the sun (better than sitting at home trying to avoid this heat). Primarily, we want to have fun (he is super funny and nice and no, we aren’t creepy weirdos).  We are both veterans, but I am 35 and he is in his 50s.

So, what we are looking for:

-Female models (about 5-6 total per trip but will waitlist for future trips) who don’t get seasick and who are comfortable running around in bikinis all day on the ocean posing for cameras (or whatever you are comfortable in. We are not looking for pictures that aren’t classy and tastefully done but don’t wear your turtleneck either)(maybe bring a few swimsuits/outfits)(Please let me know what you want to wear).

-Preferably, you don’t mind us catching and keeping fish. (Last trip we brought back 5 yellowtail which is great fresh sushi and delicious when smoked. But if that offends you, no worries, we aren’t trying to be disrespectful, this just might not be the best shoot for you.)

-You’re not in a rush. We want to enjoy the day and not have to run back in to drop someone off. Let’s have fun boating and fishing and flying a drone {DJI Phantom 4 Pro 4K video) around and putting my Nikon dslr (stills) and Panasonic gh5 (4K and slowmotion video) to the test!

-Models with a great attitude. Smile! Your mom chose life. We don’t want anyone grumpy bringing down the vibes.  We just want to go have fun.

-People who aren’t offended easily. We aren’t too harsh, but you might learn some new jokes.

-Age/size/ethnicity etc is not super important. If you feel comfortable in your swimsuit and skin, and you radiate happiness, we will see and capture that beauty in anyone.

So, what’s in it for us?

-I get pictures and videos for my port, ig, and website.

-Boat captains get cool a$$ videos of their boats to show friends, use for marketing for tour companies, fishing charters, etc.

-We all have fun and fish and make new friends.

-Possible sponsorships (connections through friends and friends of friends could lead to asking you to take pictures with a certain brand of beer and or fishing line of clothing)

What’s in it for you?

-Pictures and videos obviously.

-A day of boating and fishing and drinking (beer/wine/water/whatever… let us know ahead of time).

-Snacks/food. We usually bring stuff like sandwiches and chips and guac. If you don’t like guac, walk the plank (jk, more for the rest of us).

-Cold bottled water.

-We will bait your hooks.

-New friends with boats.

-New model friends.

-Learn a little about life in the ocean and have an adventure.

-Possible sponsorships (connections through friends and friends of friends could lead to asking you to take pictures with a certain brand of beer and or fishing line of clothing)(this is a maybe and if it doesn’t pan out, who cares, it’s just a bonus if it happens)

-Some fish if you catch it. Most likely halibut or yellowtail.


-To be determined but most likely on a Saturday in August (and other Saturdays this summer), leaving Marina Village (Mission Beach, San Diego, bay side) at around 7am to noon departure and coming back after sunset around 8:30-9:30pm. 

-We won’t head too far out. Within 12 miles of Mission Bay, in and around the bay, mission beach, PB, and La Jolla (offshore, as in, out the bay and into the deeper water outside of the these coastal backdrops.

What’s not going to happen:

-Anyone getting stupid drunk.  We want to have fun not babysit. We are going to drink and have fun,  but within our limits.

-Drinking and driving home. You can leave your car overnight at the marina and UBER home.

-Anything to make you uncomfortable (we are trying to make friends not babies or court dates)

-Illegal drugs (sorry but nobody wants all that)(we are not going to have a problem w you bringing a reasonable amount of 420 if that’s your thing as long as is within the legal limits. We won’t be providing any though (we have real careers w real rug testing).

-Waiting for you if you are more than 30m late (only bc of everyone else’s schedule)

-Coming back early because you forgot you have a bunch of other plans. We want to make sure that we hit that sunset perfectly!

-Payment. You don’t have to pay for the boat/gas/food/drinks on the boat, but you also don’t get paid directly for this shoot (although, arguably, someone is paying a lot of money for your spot on the boat be it gas ($600 for 30 miles in gas on a yacht), beer, etc. (Have you priced out an all day fishing charter? It’s common for a trip like this to cost between $300-$600/person.)

-Demanding copies of all pics and vids in the raw/unedited before you leave (we all have real jobs/careers and other time commitments. Depending on plans, expect to have online access to a locked gallery within 1-4 weeks where you can download.

-Other photographers. Sorry, we are trying to maximize space on this shoot for more models but we are always down to collaborate and share ideas and learn and network with others, just not this casting call for that. You’re welcome to ig/sc/fb live stream clips as long as it’s not taking away from forward progress on the real photo shoot.

-Other friends tagging along. They can drop you off and pick you up and you’re welcome to come meet in person before the shoot (preferred anyway to make sure we are booking the right fit) but space on the boat will be super limited.

-Bad attitudes. We really just want to share the fun and get cool pictures.

-Judgements/comments about the other models. Everyone has different tastes. If you don’t want to shoot with someone, pull me aside and tell me privately the day of.

-Explicit/untasteful pics. You’re going to be on a boat in the sun with funny guys and if someone’s boobs pop out, nobody will be offended but it’s certainly not required and not expected. If you want to do tasteful nudes or implied, let me know and anyone else who joins who is uncomfortable can decide if they still want to come on the trip. But what we are really trying to say here is that we aren’t going to be making pornography.

-Hair/MUA onboard. You’re on your own unless you want some straight guys trying to help. I can make a mean Mohawk if you want to jump in the water first but I don’t think it’s the look you’ll want.

-No keeping sharks. It’s a karma thing.

-No bananas on the boat. It’s a bad luck fishing thing.


-We will likely have you sign a model contract to release pictures and videos to us and or any sponsors for their marketing use without compensation to you.

-We will probably have you sign a liability release because Mother Nature is an impressive force and as with anything else in an adventurous setting, anything can happen. You will be coming along at your own risk. No insurance will be provided for you directly.

-I’m marking no for nudity because it’s not expected or required. But if you want to air your tits and you’re comfortable with that and you’re not smashing them into anyone’s face who isn’t comfortable with that, do your thing girl.  Suns out, buns out. Show what you’re comfortable showing. Don’t show what you’re not. 

-if you fish, you need at least a day fishing license. If you’re on a boat with other people fishing, you need one still. It’s about $15 (cash only and available in the deli/tackle shop at the marina). You’re buying your own. It’s a small price to pay but better than a ticket.

-I also have a kayak if you want to do something way low key one on one.

-Did I forget to mention something. Please let me know!


-Trade for digital access to download from my website and YouTube/Dropbox/google drive etc. within 1-4 weeks. (No physical prints):

-Some pics and videos may not be made available if sponsor(s) want exclusives,

-A free boat trip! You are welcome to tip the boat captain who is spending serious money on fuel and bait. You can bring whatever food or drinks you want if you don’t like what we bring. Or just let me know so we can accommodate you.

-You will be releasing all rights to pictures and sponsors will have first pic for exclusives.

How to apply:

-Just let me know that you are interested and ask any questions you have or share ideas to make this better. I am a firm believer in collaborating to achieve even better results!

-Contact us on instagram @filmmechanic on model mayhem #4071011 or by text or voicemail at (858) 633-7766



Videos of the fishing boat life:

Here is a screenshot showing my uncle’s new Parker 24 footer and the friend’s million dollar yacht a few slips down at the end of the pier:


Here’s a video showing what it’s like to jam around the water on a 24’ fishing boat (GoPro footage):


And a a few other random videos of us just fishing: